Posted By Admin on 12/14/18

I had a friend set me up on a blind date the other night. I know I know, I should have known better. After a failed marriage I’ve been on my own for over ten years, and with my kids all grown with families of their own, everyone worries about me being lonely.  

I should have never said yes to this date, but I wanted to get him off my back, so I said yes. This young lady that he set me up with was definitely young, and definitely not a lady. She was about the age of my oldest daughter, just out of college. She was dumber than a doornail and I felt like I needed a penicillin shot just from sitting in the same dinner booth as her. She was clearly a money grubbing little slut, and I for one have some kind of standards.

I cut the evening short, said my back was hurting-that’s one good thing about being older, no one questions you when you say you don’t feel so hot. Then I took to my pc and met up with my dirty little online secret. WifeAnna is the hottest mature cam girl I’ve ever seen. She’s classy and frisky and loves to moan and play. Maybe if my buddies knew they would see that I’m not lonely, in fact I have a very active sex life, and it’s no strings attached and safe! It’s just not something I think they would understand, so I keep my gorgeous Anna as my naughty little delight.

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